When I had breakfast with the Indian cricket team…

I am currently in Chennai and living at a rather nice hotel. Our flight landed about 20 mins late last night and so we were even later in hitting the bed. So when I woke up this morning, I was a bit groggy and thought i saw Mohammed Kaif walk out of the lift when I descended the stairs. Hm.

For a split second, I wondered why I imagined I saw Mohd. Kaif and not say, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Good question, na? That’s because I did see him and not just imagine. And in the rest of the split second (I managed to split the second into two :)), I gathered my thoughts, composed myself and managed a “Hey, Hi!”. Not very eloquent, I agree, but given my state of mind, I think I did well. 😀

The next shock was when I saw Suresh Raina at the breakfast spread getting some juice. Hu? Yes him. And then just after him came Harbhajan Singh. So I decided to look around. And lo and behold! There sat the Indian cricketers. M S Dhoni, Ajit Agarakar, Dinesh Mongia, Irfan Pathan and even Rahul Dravid.

A colleague claims to have spoken to Dravid and told him about the work we do (:)). But I could not stop gasping and staring thorugh breakfast. After messaging everyone who I knew would appreciate the gravity of the event, my life seemed set.

Never have I looked forward to breakfast more (except of course when… ;))

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  1. amitabh

    was it u……????

  2. what do you mean was it me?!? Yes, it was me.

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