Diarist wonders…

Interesting column in the Mid-Day by their ‘diarist’:


Whether Mumbai will sprout a new worker – the street dentist who works on filling the craters on our roads.

Whether we will soon see cars suspended on chains from buildings as vertical parking spaces get more ingenious.

Whether Kiran Desai has spent any amount of the prize money she won from the Booker this year.

If Brangelina, Tom Kat, Bennifer and other terms will be added to the next edition of the Oxford dictionary.

What Gandhi would have to say to the controversy over the remix of his favourite Bhajan.

Whether Anant Gupta will grow up to make a film about his three-day ordeal with his kidnappers.

Whether Non-Governmental Organisations should advocate a Keep Mumbai Green day where every citizen must wear a green haired wig on the day.

Whether Mumbai’s roadside bhajia and wada pav wallahs will one day fry the bhajias and wadas in olive oil given the increasing health consciousness of customers.

Whether Mumbai’s male actors who wear hair bands nowadays might start sporting those baby hairpins that women use currently.

Why are you reading this tripe, anyway?

So what do you think about the Anant Gupta question? I think he will!

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