Miss GB is Indian

It seems there may have been some controversy about the Miss Great Britain pageant. Indiatimes.com Hindustan Times informs us that Preeti Desai of Indian roots has been chosen to replace Danielle Lloyd who was fired as Miss Great Britain. Interestingly, the official site of the pageant is also asking for information and news items relating to the incident. Hm. Back to Ms Desai, though, who goes on (in true pageant style; pardon the cynicism here) to thank so-and-so for bringing the smile back and the whole nine yards. It is impressive, though, to note the vast ‘talent’ she was chosen from. Oh, and in case you do find more info about the aforementioned Ms Lloyd, do let us know too. We are very interested. Update: From Preeti Desai’s site:

Danielle, 22, was sacked for reportedly dating judge Teddy Sheringham before he voted for her, and for agreeing to pose in Playboy.

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