The P990i and I

After many delays, Sony Ericsson finally launched the P990i and those who did buy it at the obnoxiously high initial prices (almost like IPOs), would vouch it was worth the wait (and money). I got mine for about 29K (INR, that is!) and think it was a fair price considering i paid some Rs 38K for my O2 Atom.

Back to the P990i… I was originally rather sceptical as to whether I should give up my Atom for a phone that is bigger, looks a little less cool (yes, accept it) and does not have Windows Mobile 5. But it had the one thing I desperately wanted: a keypad. And the more I used it, the better it seemed. It still tends to crash a little (I’ve had it for almost a month now) but it’s nothing that the Atom wouldn’t do either!

The only thing I find missing in this one is the sleekness of the Atom. And of course, the stylus sucks. But then again, I rarely use it! I wanted the keypad and I got it.

More later!

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