Backward compatibility?

Thesre are two of the biggest Internet giants and both are keen on a big (read: huge) pie of online advertising. I know that Yahoo! aims to be ‘the’ biggest in display advertising online in years to come. And obviously, so does Google. But the way Google’s built its advertising business so far, they have a massive (read: humongous) chunk of the online classifieds (AdWords) pie. And now Yahoo! wants to make it big in that.

If the Peanut Butter Manifesto was anything to go by, Yahoo! is still not learning from what Brad Garlinghouse thinks are its mistakes. Without securing the display ad space, they are embarking on the classifieds space. Taking Google head-on again. In a domain Google practically owns. We all know what happened the last time things came to a, well, head! The result of that is known as Google Search. Heh!

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