First time usage

I’d been using Zoundry Blog Writer all along. Then it would give me trouble uploading images. So I tried w.bloggar. That would not configure my blog. I thought about Qumana, but it was too heavy. Performancing is ok, but demands Firefox.

So here I am back with good old Windows (and MS) with the new Windows Live Writer. And so far, it’s surprisingly good. One post old!

And whadd’ya know… it wraps around the photo too! Hallelujah!

This is one tool you simply MUST try out for a while. It’s killer. (Am I seriously talking about a Microsoft product? Wow!)


  1. Yup…I have been using this for quite sometime and so far I found Windows Live Writer pretty cool and easy to work…

  1. 1 Maybe Microsoft has won me back at Scribbler on the Net

    […] that’s now the third Windows Live service I am using after Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer (used to post this too!). What’s […]

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