The humiliation is complete

Australia complete win For the first time in 86 years, the Ashes has seen a whitewash. And from the moment the cricket became a sideshow to the three retirements, it was always clear that there would be mini battles that would be played out.

And so there were. McGrath vs Warne, Langer vs Hayden and not for who will win it, but who will complete the final rites. As it turned out, McGrath got the last wicket and Hayden scored the winning runs. But the biggest result of this Test would be that Australia have come to the end of an era.

And there is finally hope for a new generation of players to make their mark. And this applies to players from other countries too! Maybe now someone can beat Australia!

Australia’s next Test assignment is an easy one against Zimbabwe (albeit away) in September. But thereafter come 6 Tests against Sri Lanka (2) and India (4). And this would be a real tester for them before their away tours to Pakistan and the West Indies in 2008. So time is on their side for rebuilding.

But a big “thank you” is in order for McGrath and Warne for being the fantastic sportsmen they have been and to Langer for his grit and making opening batting an art. Thanks, guys. You will be missed…

Testemonials: Shane Warne | Glenn McGrath | Justin Langer timeline [All via Cricinfo]


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