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Well said

Perhaps a better headline was not written in this context. I also agree with most things that have been said in the article. Well said!

Lara whined, but Sehwag is fined

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So Brian Lara goes scot-free while Virender Sehwag is fined for excessive appealing? And that too, because he celebrated before the batsman was formally declared out.

Can someone explain that to me please?

After his rather unacceptable behaviour (I am taking it easy) on the field on the fourth afternoon of the first Test against India at St John's, Antigua, Brian Lara should be disciplined. Unfortunately, non-subcontinent players have often had it easy with match referees. Remember Michael Slater's outburst against the umpire and players?

But what Lara did needs to be penalised because he is the opposition captain. No matter how archaic some of the rules and laws of the game are, if you are playing it, you need to follow them. And the laws say that indiscipline, dissent and generally poor beaviour are not acceptable. Needless to say, his behaviour was a result of some fine batting by India and the fact that they did take away the initiative from his team.

We can just wait and watch. Let's hope match referee Jeff Crowe has some gumption to do something about this.