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Should all the Kaavya Viswanathan‘s of the world watch out? Big Brother Google is at it again and claims its Book Search project may well spell the end of plagiarism by making book passages and all searchable. Interesting. More about this on SearchEngineWatch.

As the reports:

Conveniently enough, a few literary greats have already had their mug shots taken. It’s long been known that Poe plagiarized his first book, a hack project titled The Conchologist’s First Book, and that Herman Melville swiped many technical passages of Moby Dick whole from maritime authors like Henry Cheever. Even more inventively, Lawrence Sterne’s immortal diatribe against plagiarism in Tristram Shandy was itself … plagiarized from Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy. There have always been a dizzying array of ways that authors can rip each other off, even in reverse: Literary critic Terry Eagleton has written entertainingly of “anti-plagiarism,” a 19th-century literary wheeze favored by Irish critics, who pounced on poets or novelists for plagiarizing or surreptitiously translating some little-known domestic or foreign work and presenting it under their name. The trick was that the “original” work presented by the prosecuting critic was itself a forgery, written after a new work’s publication to frame an enemy.

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The Kite Runner

Totally rocks and is a must-read. 

Beg, borrow or steal. But don’t miss.

Lighting Up!

I am talking about Diwali and not of the other ‘lighting up’ which can lead to illusions and hallucinations. Not interested, thank you! But the last week has been quite fabulous. For one, I went off to Pune and turned off my cell phone. I switched off the TV. I closed the room door and opened only one thing… no you perverts, not that. A book! And then another. And another. It was quite riveting. I thoroughly enjoyed lighting up during Diwali. I mean, enlightening up! One of the books I finally managed to read was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The other I am reading is the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Both seem to be marvellous books and the time I have spent on this, is perhaps the best I have in almost six months (alone, that is). I am yet to finish Angels and Demons (also by Dan Brown) and Kite Runner, though.
More on that later (regarding why prequels are released as prequels and not the first book).

There are obvious joys in being alone and spending time the way I did, but at the same time, it is also important that one knows the whereabouts of time and not just lie about all day lost in the fabulous world of books. In my quest for solitude, I lost track of all… now I know what the cost of solitude is!

Anyway, wishing everyone a Happy Diwali and a great year ahead.