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Wassup Saddam?

‘Sup? Jus Hangin’ Dawg!

I know it’s in bad taste, but could not resist it! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the current Ashes cricket Test.

People are stupid. I am one of them. But after reading this story, I feel smarter! Why? Because even if I did plan a trip online, I normally would not end up 8,000 miles off course!

A twenty-one year old German tourist planned to take a trip to Sydney, Australia, but wound up 8,077 miles off-course — headed instead for the small oil town of Sydney, Montana, after mistyping his destination into a flight booking Web site. The man didn’t notice anything was wrong until he was about to board a flight from Portland to chilly Montana, dressed in summer vacation clothes.

And his mum thinks he’s good with computers. Sure, he must be. He booked the flights and travelled, didn’t he? It’s the thinking part he’s not good with!

The Daily News & Analysis reports that China is further censoring information leaving the country. After working their minds over in limiting Google and internet services, they have now proposed to make weather reports inaccesible to ‘foreigners’.

“Illegal meteorological surveys and data collection have infringed China’s sovereignty… and threatened the country’s security,” the paper quoted CMA Vice Minister Zheng Guogang as saying.

Yes Minister, indeed. So those of you travelling to China and looking for weather information, please plan well in advance. You wouldn’t want to land up with a pair of shorts when it’s starting to get chilly, would you? You too need to censor!

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I am not as well informed about these matters, perhaps but even to the naive eye, the answer to the first question on the linked page (below) would seem absurd… or is it?

Is there something I don’t know?

Mumbai Mirror

Right. Now I undestand that there are some funny people in the world. But what in the name of the goat, sheep and the ram is a goatonapolist?

Check out more info! Insane, man!

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3-D Painting

3D Room

This is simply marvellous. Take a look at the photos and you will see that ordinary painting on the walls appears 3-D. Truly remarkable.

[Via CNet]

Remember the erstwhile post about pigeons converting our bedroom window into their own private maternity home? The situation persists and as P G Wodehouse would say, Queer.

The scene now is that about a week ago, I noticed that the two most recent additions to the ever-growing hordes (or whatever it is) of pigeons had flown away. I planned to clean up the mess the following Sunday (that is on Dec 11)… but to my sheer horror, this morning, I checked and found two more eggs and the mamma pigeon quietly sitting on it.

When will this end? And why my window?

I could easily chuck the whole jamboree out, but I can’t bring myself to doing that. Anyway, what are pigeons good for? They just make gross noises, a lot of shit and provide Bollywood directors ideas for innuendos. Who needs them? Does their existence really serve any purpose? Any why in the name of God must they multiply so fast? Are they planning to take over the world? Are they real rulers and not the mice? Do they know the answer to 42?


Seriously, would you drink it if it cost so much? I would maybe resell and make more money!!

Live (Hungover) TV!

I would strongly agree with the point of this author: Don’t go on live TV if you are hungover.

Video at your own risk!


We’ve all been there, done that… as in skipping school (Ow, my tummy hurts), not doing homework (my dog ate it) and what not. We have hence been scolded, shouted at punished and at times even hit. But this is crazy. What’s truly worse, though, is that the mom looks rather smug and happy posing for the photo! Geez.

The Human Zoo

These Poms are real crazy!

Late last month (Aug 25, I think), they had this exhibit where humans were placed at the world famous Bear Mountain in a cage as if animals in a zoo.

The ‘invitation’ for participation put up on the ZSL site read as follows: Do you fancy showing off at the Zoo?

We are currently looking for individuals who would like to take part in a unique event. The August Bank holiday will welcome an extra special exhibit to London Zoo as a flock of Homo sapiens gather on the world famous Bear Mountain. Presented to the public with only fig leaves to protect their modesty, the humans will become an important feature of zoo life as they are cared for by our experienced keepers and kept entertained through various forms of enrichment. The four day event aims to demonstrate the basic nature of man as an animal and examine the impact that Homo sapiens have on the rest of the animal kingdom. If you would like to take part in this exciting new exhibit fill in the form below and tell us, in 50 words or less: Why do you want to take part in ‘The Human Zoo’?

Apparently, “The four day event aims to demonstrate the basic nature of man as an animal and examine the impact that Homo sapiens have on the rest of the animal kingdom.” Has this also happened elsewhere? Wonder what it would be like to have this in Mumbai or Delhi!

Reports about it on Yahoo! and Ananova. Also on the Beeb Online!

Here’s a photogallery too!

This is real scary. First the snow will melt and bring floods with it. Then, the water would mix with the sea making it useless for humans or agriculture. Then there will be famines. Is this the apocalypse? Outlook has a very scary story about the future… and they say it's just another 95 years away. So what if we won't be around… our kids (or grandkids) sure will.
What are we gonna do about it?