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I no longer feel ashamed to say that my Hotmail account is still active! Especially after I finally joined the Windows Live Mail Beta. It was a pleasant surprise to finally see hotmail look usable. And the other small changes to it like change of themes and layout at a click (using options drop-down) is awesome.

Once it is publicly available, Gmail and Yahoo! had better watch out.

So that’s now the third Windows Live service I am using after Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer (used to post this too!). What’s next?

Bring it on!



Waddle they think of next? Maybe a browser that can make me coffee and bring me someone elses money. Wait! They already have that. It’s called keylogging!

One drawback: I cannot upload a photo. Something that the Windows Live Writer allows me to do. Sad!

Indiatimes. At its best.

Irresponsible? Or plain callous? homepage at approx 6pm (Dec 11, 2006)


The above headline implies that the Sensex fell to below 500 points. While the fact is that it fell BY about 500 points. And the story is correct. This is some editor messing up on the prepositions. Or a brain!

Story page image: [Link to story]


Google- Relevant! Not a bad idea, this… filtering out the unwanted Google results to see only some of the more relevant ones. Not sure how well it would work. But it sure sounds useful. Give it a go!

 Oh, it’s called Give Me Back My Google!

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First time usage

I’d been using Zoundry Blog Writer all along. Then it would give me trouble uploading images. So I tried w.bloggar. That would not configure my blog. I thought about Qumana, but it was too heavy. Performancing is ok, but demands Firefox.

So here I am back with good old Windows (and MS) with the new Windows Live Writer. And so far, it’s surprisingly good. One post old!

And whadd’ya know… it wraps around the photo too! Hallelujah!

This is one tool you simply MUST try out for a while. It’s killer. (Am I seriously talking about a Microsoft product? Wow!)

TV is dead?

And nobody told me? Did you know this?

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Should all the Kaavya Viswanathan‘s of the world watch out? Big Brother Google is at it again and claims its Book Search project may well spell the end of plagiarism by making book passages and all searchable. Interesting. More about this on SearchEngineWatch.

As the reports:

Conveniently enough, a few literary greats have already had their mug shots taken. It’s long been known that Poe plagiarized his first book, a hack project titled The Conchologist’s First Book, and that Herman Melville swiped many technical passages of Moby Dick whole from maritime authors like Henry Cheever. Even more inventively, Lawrence Sterne’s immortal diatribe against plagiarism in Tristram Shandy was itself … plagiarized from Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy. There have always been a dizzying array of ways that authors can rip each other off, even in reverse: Literary critic Terry Eagleton has written entertainingly of “anti-plagiarism,” a 19th-century literary wheeze favored by Irish critics, who pounced on poets or novelists for plagiarizing or surreptitiously translating some little-known domestic or foreign work and presenting it under their name. The trick was that the “original” work presented by the prosecuting critic was itself a forgery, written after a new work’s publication to frame an enemy.

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Backward compatibility?

Thesre are two of the biggest Internet giants and both are keen on a big (read: huge) pie of online advertising. I know that Yahoo! aims to be ‘the’ biggest in display advertising online in years to come. And obviously, so does Google. But the way Google’s built its advertising business so far, they have a massive (read: humongous) chunk of the online classifieds (AdWords) pie. And now Yahoo! wants to make it big in that.

If the Peanut Butter Manifesto was anything to go by, Yahoo! is still not learning from what Brad Garlinghouse thinks are its mistakes. Without securing the display ad space, they are embarking on the classifieds space. Taking Google head-on again. In a domain Google practically owns. We all know what happened the last time things came to a, well, head! The result of that is known as Google Search. Heh!

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There was a financial advisor who advised his clients to sell Google and buy Yahoo stocks. Not very smart. And he admits it! Honest!

Good man!

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[] Goodbye

It’s time to leave and as the event winds down, one can’t help but feel that this event will only evolve with time. This year’s event should be considered a rousing success for more reasons than one. I would not want to say that some things may have gone wrong because this was the first event. It’s not fair to the efforts put in by Kiruba and gang.

Great venue, super participation and very enthusiastic organisation ensured a good and educational time was had by one and all. Have to admire the efforts of people like Kiruba, Dina Mehta, Peter Griffin, Jace, Ravages, Neha Viswanathan, Syed and all the others who put in endless efforts into making this a success.

See you next year!

[Update]: As we were leaving, we bumped into Peter and Dina and were really pleasantly surprised to hear that Blogcamp may just happen more often… like once a quarter. That does sound exciting. Hope it does work out. More details as they become available…

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The Great Man of Indian Cricket made his presence felt and got a rousing reception from Bloggers at the Blogcamp in Chennai. Speaking on podcasting among other things, Sunny also said that he would start blogging soon. Wow! Moreover, he was thrilled about the way podcasting has become a main method of communication and he himself is keen on exploring the possibilities of taking this forward.

Take a look at more posts about it here.

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Peter Griffin, Neha Viswanathan, Dina Mehta, Scott Carney, Chandrachoodan G and some others on collaborative blogging. Disaster blogging in particular.

Suddenly, we’re talking about rural blogging. Er. Ok.

Scott Carney’s is an interesting story. Perhaps the only real case I think I have heard for collaborative blogging. All others are “We want to, so…” but this guy has a reason to ask people to come together. The Tsunami effort apart, trying to bring the power of blogging together to get answers from normally difficult sources (like the Indian Govt), would be worthwhile.

Dina had a proposal to set up a Technorati tag so anyone who wants to pursue it or write on it. A good point by Scott was that Bloggers should ask questions. Not necessary to be a journo. “Sure we will be refused. But even journalists are.”

I’m headed to the Podcast session… this one is not going anywhere…

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A raging debate is underway. “Why don’t corporates take blogging seriously and why don’t their employees blog?” Hm. Apple, Google were two companies who’s employees were “accused” of not blogging. Microsoft and Sun, though seem to have kept Indian bloggers happy allowing their employees to blog.

An instance that Dina mentioned (from what I could hear sitting at the back here) was about GM running ads (please someone correct me if I have heard this wrong). Will try for some more dope on this!

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So I ran out, got myself a Wi-Fi dongle and am finally connected :). The enthusiasm continues and we are now starting to fall behind schedule. 30 mins and two speakers to go in this session. Will we make it?

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A nice breakfast was followed by a leisurely drive to Tidel Park and once we got here, it was a hark back into college days. Not in the way things were happening, but just the enthusiasm. It reminded me of days when a college fest was the most important thing in the world and something around which your entire world revolved! Welcome to Blogcamp!

A collection of some of the best blogging talent from India, this place has an infectious enthusiasm. You just don’t want to be left out. Hats off to Kiruba and team for putting this together.

Setback 1: Wi-Fi is the way to go for connectivity at the Tidel Park auditorium. Unfortunately, my official issue laptop does not have Wi-Fi and Sify, the connectivity guys around here cannot install their client on an XP machine. They need Win 2000. Hu? You kidding me right? No.

Blah. So here goes me. Archiving all this and now on my way to the city to get myself a Wi-Fi dongle! Hope my boss reads this and gets me a Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) ready laptop.

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I’m going to Blogcamp

I’m going to Blogcamp. What’s that, you say? Know more about it here. And watch out for more updates as they happen.


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What is this country coming to? After an initial block on blogs after 7/11, the Congress party (in power) has decided to flex its muscle and ban all Anti-Congress blogs and sites. The explanation states:

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs on July 14 to block blog sites, as they were said to be spreading anti-national message. The list of the websites to be blocked was confidential

Now. since when did Anti-Congress become Anti-National? Most sites that have been asked to be blocked talk negatively (or truthfully, if you will) about the Congress and its allies. Why are these bans never extended to the mainstream media? Why can newspapers write true stuff and survive? Ditto for TV Channels?

Or is that because blogs are new media, they are being experimented with? Something similar had happened recently in Pakistan and China… and we were sandwiched in the middle thinking, “Hm. Nice place, this India”. Well, wake up.

Two points come to mind:

1. Bloggers should be proud of what they do if the govt. needs to block them for it obviously means they are “in the public eye”.

2. The Bajrang Dal blogs? (Don’t bother, it’s blocked!)

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On the backdrop of the Mumbai blasts a week ago, the Indian Govt. has decided to blackout blogspot hosted blogs. Good thing I moved to WP! But more seriously, this is insane. If they could not track it before and block the abuse, how will having some IPs (which would mostly be dynamic) tracked and all help?

Well, that’s the way Indian bureaucracy and politicia (like militia!) works. Reactive rather than proactive.

More details about the blackout at The Great Indian Mutiny.

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Yes, it is rather silly. But this is also interesting as to how our brain fools us. Click and enjoy.

Also, my old blog is worth a fair bit of money. This one, though, not so much.

Old Blog:

My blog is worth $10,161.72.
How much is your blog worth?

This Blog: $0.00.

Where do I encash this?

The blogging handbook is finally here!
Reporters Sans Frontieres (RSF) has launched ” Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents“.
RSF, it seems has “produced this handbook to help them [reporters in countries where the mainstream media is censored], with handy tips and technical advice on how to to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation. It also explains how to set up and make the most of a blog, to publicise it (getting it picked up efficiently by search-engines) and to establish its credibility through observing basic ethical and journalistic principles.
Noble attempt. I have just downloaded this and will attempt to know if I am indeed one of ‘them’ and if the book is of any use to me. The PDF can be downloaded.
Also on TECH

Net Means Free?

For long I have pondered over why the Internet crashed back in 2000. And only one reason comes to mind: Free stuff.
Just too much of this was being peddled about then and at a time when none of the online entities could afford to do so. By no means am I suggesting that they can afford it now, but one would safely assume that it’s fiscally much better now than five years ago. But was it so bad?
Here’s some stats:

In 1999, there were 2,161 initial VC financings of start-ups, and 40 percent of those are still alive and kicking (private and independent), with only 32 percent out of business. Rounding out the rest, 3 percent are publicly held, and 25 percent acquired or merged. In 2000, there were 2,680 financings, and 47 percent are still alive and kicking, with 34 percent out of business, one percent publicly traded, and 18 percent acquired or merged. [Via] [Also this]

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How Journos Use Blogs

Wall Street Journal tech reporter Nick Wingfield tells Bulldog Reporter how journalists use blogs in their jobs.
Interesting and well-researched article that I think, is quite apt.

Read full story here.
So, now you know!

Why I love Google

I love Google because it's the best search engine available. I also love Google because it's the only company in a position to upstage Microsoft. Not that I hate MS, but it's always good to have some competition. And no, Google's not paying me to write this.
But just consider how the company started and has evolved. Today, they are also providing 'Google Talk' a chat interface that allows you to talk with the person at the other end. Very light and fast to load and use, it has all the trademarks that a Google software does.
There's also this interesting piece I read in the NY Times about how Google is now one of the hated companies in Silicon Valley. I say there's no better indicator of success than hate!
Agreed that Google is trying to juggle too many things at the same time, but they have a lot of catching up to do. And I will also concede that they do sound arrogant now (Not that I have ever spoken to 'them').
Anyhoo, you must try the Google Talk engine (you must have a GMail account) and here's the article I mention: "Relax Bill, It's Google's Turn As The Villain".

Joseph Duncan is a kidnapper, paedophile and murderer. He is currently in jail. But, as has been the case with many other things, the Internet could well be the place where his crimes may be proven. With armchair Internet detectives getting into action and more and more pieces of his life after 18 years in jail being pieced together, who knows where that could lead.
For some background, Duncan was convicted at 16 for raping a 14-year-old at gunpoint. Since he got oout of jail, he had taken to computer programming and other activities but then, the beast in him returned, as it were.
Duncan, 42, was arrested early last Saturday after turning up in a 24-hour diner with 8-year-old Shasta Groene just a few miles from where the bodies of Shasta's mother, her mother's boyfriend and an older brother were found bound and bludgeoned at their home near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
But, that's not all. Duncan maintained a weblog of all his activities and this become a forum for abusing him and his activities since his arrest.
The chilling account is easily found at Blogging The Fifth Nail and this is another more detailed story.