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It’s time to leave and as the event winds down, one can’t help but feel that this event will only evolve with time. This year’s event should be considered a rousing success for more reasons than one. I would not want to say that some things may have gone wrong because this was the first event. It’s not fair to the efforts put in by Kiruba and gang.

Great venue, super participation and very enthusiastic organisation ensured a good and educational time was had by one and all. Have to admire the efforts of people like Kiruba, Dina Mehta, Peter Griffin, Jace, Ravages, Neha Viswanathan, Syed and all the others who put in endless efforts into making this a success.

See you next year!

[Update]: As we were leaving, we bumped into Peter and Dina and were really pleasantly surprised to hear that Blogcamp may just happen more often… like once a quarter. That does sound exciting. Hope it does work out. More details as they become available…

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The Great Man of Indian Cricket made his presence felt and got a rousing reception from Bloggers at the Blogcamp in Chennai. Speaking on podcasting among other things, Sunny also said that he would start blogging soon. Wow! Moreover, he was thrilled about the way podcasting has become a main method of communication and he himself is keen on exploring the possibilities of taking this forward.

Take a look at more posts about it here.

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Peter Griffin, Neha Viswanathan, Dina Mehta, Scott Carney, Chandrachoodan G and some others on collaborative blogging. Disaster blogging in particular.

Suddenly, we’re talking about rural blogging. Er. Ok.

Scott Carney’s is an interesting story. Perhaps the only real case I think I have heard for collaborative blogging. All others are “We want to, so…” but this guy has a reason to ask people to come together. The Tsunami effort apart, trying to bring the power of blogging together to get answers from normally difficult sources (like the Indian Govt), would be worthwhile.

Dina had a proposal to set up a Technorati tag so anyone who wants to pursue it or write on it. A good point by Scott was that Bloggers should ask questions. Not necessary to be a journo. “Sure we will be refused. But even journalists are.”

I’m headed to the Podcast session… this one is not going anywhere…

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A raging debate is underway. “Why don’t corporates take blogging seriously and why don’t their employees blog?” Hm. Apple, Google were two companies who’s employees were “accused” of not blogging. Microsoft and Sun, though seem to have kept Indian bloggers happy allowing their employees to blog.

An instance that Dina mentioned (from what I could hear sitting at the back here) was about GM running ads (please someone correct me if I have heard this wrong). Will try for some more dope on this!

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So I ran out, got myself a Wi-Fi dongle and am finally connected :). The enthusiasm continues and we are now starting to fall behind schedule. 30 mins and two speakers to go in this session. Will we make it?

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A nice breakfast was followed by a leisurely drive to Tidel Park and once we got here, it was a hark back into college days. Not in the way things were happening, but just the enthusiasm. It reminded me of days when a college fest was the most important thing in the world and something around which your entire world revolved! Welcome to Blogcamp!

A collection of some of the best blogging talent from India, this place has an infectious enthusiasm. You just don’t want to be left out. Hats off to Kiruba and team for putting this together.

Setback 1: Wi-Fi is the way to go for connectivity at the Tidel Park auditorium. Unfortunately, my official issue laptop does not have Wi-Fi and Sify, the connectivity guys around here cannot install their client on an XP machine. They need Win 2000. Hu? You kidding me right? No.

Blah. So here goes me. Archiving all this and now on my way to the city to get myself a Wi-Fi dongle! Hope my boss reads this and gets me a Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) ready laptop.

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