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Here we go!

No sooner than Microsoft Vista has hit the computers (pun!), have hackers and other experts hit back!

On Dec. 15, a Russian programmer posted a description of a flaw that makes it possible to increase a user’s privileges on all of the company’s recent operating systems, including Vista. And over the weekend a Silicon Valley computer security firm said it had notified Microsoft that it had also found that flaw, as well as five other vulnerabilities, including one serious error in the software code underlying the company’s new Internet Explorer 7 browser.

Right, so let’s get ready for the next round of MS bashing, shall we?


I was skeptical as to how well this would work, but by the looks of it, it’s doing fantastic! What better than to use MS Word to post directly to your blog?

Registering a blog is a breeze… as easy as using say Zoundry or any other third party application. This is amazing, guys. And it works for WordPress, Blogger and a few other popular ones. You can also set up your own hosted blog.

Er… did I mention this is using MS Office 2007 Beta? Might be worthwhile keeping that in mind!


Of late, I have realised that it is extremely boring to log into Blogger and then type out the post. This, I feel, makes me lazy. So instead of letting Blogger take the credit for me being lazy, I set out to find the right tool to do so. Along the way, I found Anconia RocketPost by Manish Vij of Sepia Mutiny and even CityDesk but my latest find is what has me excited: Zoundry Blog Writer. (It’s free).

There are some advantages of this over RocketPost, such as a faster interface when connecting to Blogger and downloading older posts. One of the major differences, though, is the management of more than one blog from the same window. It’s like using MS Outlook (to be fair, so is RcketPost) and as simple as drag-and-drop. In this regard, getting RocketPost to manage multiple blogs is not so easy.

But the biggest thing, though, is the $30 price on RocketPost. Zoundry is totally free (and no ads either).

Manish: I would like to continue using RP even after the 30-day trial, but cannot afford it and hence the shift. Even if you were to place ads in RP, I would use it… I like it plus it’s Sepia in colour!

For now, though, you can download Zoundry there.

Now Using Opera 8.5

With much despair, I admit I am now using Opera’s latest (free of ads) offering, version 8.5. While I still maintain that Firefox is a better option (as I maintain with the button on this page), I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about.
For one, Opera does not have a rich text editor (hence, this post is also being typed without it and am not sure what font would be displayed on the page). Second, the number of extensions that are available are too few and an even fewer number of these is of any use to a power user.
RSS feeds are received a la e-mail and this can be quite cumbersome instead of having something like the InfoRSS reader I had in Firefox.
The look-and-feel of Opera, though, is far superior as is the functionality. The added integration of an e-mail client also helps (but this can be a negative since one crash crashes it all).
If you are the adventurous types, give it a whirl. Else, stick to FF.

@ Mozilla: I think it’s time you guys cured the security flaws that have been cropping up. Else, I (and many others) can learn to live without a rich text editor!

p.s.: Sorry, can’t link to anything using this. I am also too lazy to type the entire line of code just to link you to InfoRSS ( or the Opera download page ( The sole link has been done when I edited this post in Mozilla.